20 Best PS5 Presidents Day Sales & Deals 2022

PS5 Presidents Day Sales & Deals 2022 –  If you are looking for PS5 during this Presidents Day Sales 2022? Then you are in the right place here.

If you thought Christmas shopping was over when December 25 hit, then you’d be wrong. Presidents Day sales are becoming more popular every year, providing one more opportunity to score awesome deals before the season is done.

Despite the name, we saw sales begin as early as December 22 last year, with Beauty leading the charge. There are even bound to be a handful that offers to ship in time for Christmas. However, even though a few sales did kick-off before the actual holiday, the bulk of after-Christmas deals will still fall between now and New Year’s Eve.

If you’re giving a gift to the gamer in your life—even if that gamer is yourself—there is no hotter piece of hardware than the PS5. Just launched last month it has sold out almost immediately every single time that it has come on sale, along with the also hugely popular Xbox Series X. Tracking one of these things down at the MSRP of $499 for the disc drive version or $399 for all digital is nearly impossible, but not completely impossible. Here are some tips for trying to snag one in time for the holidays. In the headline, I mention Christmas, because that’s the best bet right now. But maybe you could still grab one in time for Hanukah? It’s an early one this year, which makes it much harder.

First, restocks are no longer coming in large waves, like they did for pre-orders, launch and Black Friday. Things are coming in more piecemeal, which means that the first thing you’ll need to know is when things are happening. And there are some good sources on that.

PS5 Presidents Day Sales & Deals 2022

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